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Sudoku Workpad

This little program was designed to help you solve Sudoku puzzles.
  • Simple interface
  • Supports puzzle sizes from 2x2 to 5x5, including all sizes inbetween
  • Supports both mouse and keyboard
  • Helps you to avoid making mistakes by showing all possibilities for each cell and refusing to place impossible values
  • Allows saving and loading as well as undo/redo
  • Includes solver if you get stuck
  • Can check for a unique solution
  • Delphi source included (zlib/libpng license)
Sudoku puzzle in progress

Current version: 2.3 (released 23/03/2023). Version history included.

System requirements: Windows 2000, XP or any later version.
Source code written in Delphi XE2, but should compile on Delphi 5 or later (possibly earlier versions as well).

Download! (517KB)