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Pokémon TCG Manager
This nifty little program can keep track of all your Pokémon cards, up to 99,999 of each. It is updated whenever a new cardset is released in Europe.

In Danish and English.

Current version: 2.10 (released 21/01/2018)

Pokémon TCG Manager
Pokémon Simulator
This game is Birdiesoft's tribute to Pokémon. It is a Pokémon battle simulator, based on the actual game.

Current version: 4.5 (released 14/07/2004)
POKéMON Simulator - Battle Screen
Cracker (TI-83+/TI-84+)
This small game for the TI-83+ lets you play a cracker, a person who breaks computer security in order to damage servers.

Current version: 1.0 (released 09/06/2003)
Cracker - Title Screen
Sudoku Workpad
This little program was designed to help you solve Sudoku puzzles.

Current version: 2.3 (released 23/03/2023)
Sudoku puzzle in progress